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Rob Crick holds an extremely unique position as an attorney who emphasizes Construction Law in his practice. Prior to beginning his law practice, his background includes senior management positions in large Spokane construction companies. He gained a tremendous amount of front line experience in estimating and overseeing construction jobs; managing resources, crews, schedule and cost constraints, and making key decisions on major construction projects so as to achieve completion on time and within budget.

Rob’s philosophy of practicing Construction Law is very simple; "Job 1st, Law 2nd". He has an ingrained ability to focus on what’s important and dismiss what’s not.

Rob has a well rounded practice, is heavily experienced in dealing with State/Federal Government construction projects, as well as private projects, and with the resolution of disputes arising from those projects.

Rob puts great energy into his work on behalf of his clients and invests heavily in the assets required to be at the cutting edge of his practice.

Rob also gives back to the community, teaching law at several levels. He also has several reported Court Cases. Rob is active also outside of his law practice in community and bar association activities.

He is well respected in the community and in the field of law.