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I understand from my firsthand experiences the risks of building construction projects and the potential for financial damage, or ruin, and for project failure. That is why the project comes first. I also understand the risks and costs of litigation. Litigation can be a real drain on an operating company. Trying to earn an operating margin, while at the same time having to deal with yesterday’s problems, can be a lot to shoulder. Thus I work hard to resolve disputes as early in the process as possible.

But when resolution is unattainable, I litigate aggressively and effectively, striving to carry as much of the load for my clients as possible. I have invested heavily in the latest and most powerful computer hardware and software in order to assure achieving the most complete discovery process and preparing the most convincing trial exhibits. I also invest heavily in the training needed to stay at the cutting edge of the profession. And when there is a need for outside consultants and experts and for several attorneys on a particular case, I have a team that I associate to match any size of case.

I have many satisfied clients throughout the region because of my approach to the practice of law. So, when you need a lawyer who knows the construction industry, who is willing to come to your project no matter where it is located, and who knows how to resolve construction project problems and disputes, give me a call. I will do my best for you.